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The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of the Canadian Fearless Four
By Rob Lennard, The History Wrangler

A thrilling time-travel adventure. Join the Fearless Four, as they journey
back in time to the historic Battle of Vimy Ridge at the height of the Great
War in 1917...

Season 2 | 6 Episodes Now Available for Viewing

Alberta History Show: 

Season 2 Episode#1

Episode Information...

* Rodeo History- Pete Knight
* Blackfoot History-Chief Crowfoot
* Naming of Aye Mountain in the Alberta Canadian Rockies
* 4 H History
* Gold Medalist Cindy Klassen
* Immigration History- Immigrants from Iceland
* Joni Mitchell, born in Fort Macleod
* Rodeo History-Clem Gardner

Alberta History Show:

Season 2 Episode#2

Episode Information...

* Metis pioneer Adelaide Belcourt
* Metis History- Jerry Potts
* Train History- CP Coming to Town, August 11th, 1883
* Naming of Coronation Mountain in the Alberta Canadian Rockies
* Woman’s World Champion Trap Shooter
* Spruce Meadows Show Jumping History- Ian Miller
* Pioneer John Glenn from The Bow Valley Ranche
* Calgary Stampede History- First 1912 Calgary Stampede

Alberta History Show:

Season 2 Episode#3

Episode Information...

* Fay Wray- Famous Hollywood actress
* Blackfoot History- The amazing Deerfoot the runner
* Spruce Meadows/Show Jumping History
* Naming of Eiffel Peak in the Alberta Canadian Rockies
* Quiz question asked by Ken Read, former World Champion Skier
* Gold Medal Wrestler Carol Quinn
* Alberta’s first Lieutenant Governor- George Bulyea
* Amazing Cowboy John Ware
* Stagecoaches in Alberta

Alberta History Show:

Season 2 Episode#4

Episode Information...

* Rodeo History- Herman Linder
* Horse Racing- Red Pollard who rode Seabiscuit
* Calgary Stampede Parade History
* Paralympic Champions
* Fire Chief Cappy Smarts Zoo animal collection
* Senator Patrick Burns
* R.B. Bennet’s, future prime minister’s car mishap
* Metis History- Alex Decouteau
* Royal Visit to Alberta- Princess Elizabeth’s 1951 Tour
* Girl Guide History

Alberta History Show:

Season 2 Episode#5

Episode Information...

* Rodeo History- Gibb Potter
* Alberta’s first bridge
* Horse Racing History- Jimmy Fitzsimmons
* Blackfoot History- Chief Old Sun from the Siksika Nation
* Alberta Train History
* Alberta culture and indigineous writers
* Name behind Fatigue Mountain in the Alberta Canadian Rockies
* George Stanley- the creator of The Canadian Flag

Alberta History Show:

Season 2 Episode#6

Episode Information...

* Rodeo history- Barrel Racer Dee Butterfield
* Former Prime Minister Joe Clark- Assisting with official recognition of the beaver.
* Spruce Meadows/Show Jumping history
* Alberta hockey history
* Metis History- Edouard Beaupre, “The Willowbunch Giant”
* “Honest” Tom Mackie
* Name behind Mount Alberta in the Alberta Canadian Rockies
* Royal Visit to Alberta- Princess Elizabeth’s 1951 visit
* 1923 Calgary Stampede History
* Royal Visit- 1968 visit by Duke and Duchess

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“Thank you so much for bringing the past to life for our students. Students were enthralled with your stores and songs. They participated enthusiastically in your interactive activities and First Nation students¬†were proud to see their history as part of Alberta’s past”

Shirley, Vice-Principal

“The History Wrangler showed his many talents as a guitar player and singer by bringing parts of Alberta History and Heritage to life. His great enthusiasm turned out to be infectious, engaging students, teachers and parents. The participation of the audience speaks highly of the quality of the production. To make such an entertaining show educational is a bonus. I would highly recommend the Past is A Blast Show to other schools. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our rich past”

Sylvie, Assistant Principal

“I found the History Wrangler was able to establish an immediate relationship with our students. By making this connection he was able to share entertaining and relevant historical stories and songs to our students. Our students were very engaged and interested…”

Greg, Principal

“Rob/History Wrangler, your visit was engaging, inspiring and just plain fun…..”

Dave, Principal

“His love of History, Students, and creating student engagement in history was evident from beginning to end…”

“My students enjoyed the day with The History Wrangler so much! Each of the activities he planned for the students were entertaining, interactive and informative. From the start of planning this day, he was quick to respond to emails and always accommodating. During our field trip, our 50+ grade 4 students and parent volunteers felt welcomed and were eager to participate in the many activities. The History Wrangler made sure to include as many students as possible in the role-playing activities, games, and songs throughout the day. Volunteers were also included and many laughs were shared when the adults were participating. Regarding curriculum, my teaching partner and I felt many outcomes were covered and we were so pleased with how fun Social Studies was made.”

Lucy, Teacher