The History Wrangler Road Show

A Field Trip to The Historic Bow Valley Ranche

A Great Fundraising idea for Schools!

The History Wrangler Road Show Includes:

History Wrangler Road Show

The Past is A Blast Show is a highly interactive, fun and educational 45-minute show with lots of music that is suitable for the entire school from K to Grade 7. The show normally takes place in the gym.

Grade 2 Visit “Tales from the Arctic”

​The History Wrangler’s Grade 2 visit revolves around his amazing “Flying Bank” adventure when he was only 10 years old! He flew 2500 km to 5 communities in the Arctic including Tuktoyaktuck, Yellowknife, Aklavik, Inuvik, and Sach’s Harbor on Banks Island.

​The “Flying Bank” was a DC-3 plane that was leased by the CIBC bank in order for the bank to reach its remote clients.

​The History Wrangler’s dad, Gordon Lennard. was in charge of the bank in Alberta and “The Flying Bank” was his idea.


Grade 3 Visit “Tales from Africa”

The History Wrangler has visited Africa 3 times and he shares his tales from the Valley of The Kings in Egypt to Victoria Falls, the World’s largest Water Falls in Zambia, twice as high as Niagara Falls, to the snake charmers in Morocco.


​Grade 4 & 5 combined OR Separate Classroom Visits

​The Grade 4 and Grade 5 teachers get to choose which 3 Bow Valley Ranche Historic Learning Centre programs are taught to their students from the list of 12 that are listed on the link below.


Grade 6 Visit Options

1) Book writing tips from an Award Winning Author

2) Song writing tips from an Award Winning Song Writer

3) “Let’s talk politics!”- The History Wrangler loves to chat about politics and politics runs in his family, his Great Uncle Frank was a Conservative MP for 22 years and his great Uncle Louis was a Liberal MP for 7 years before being appointed the 18th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Cost of The History Wrangler’s Daytime School Visit- $350.00


Field Trip to The Historic Bow Valley Ranche in Fish Creek Park, where The History Wrangler “Hangs his Hat”

Teachers get to pick which three of the History Wrangler’s 12 programs their students get taught from the list linked below.

The History Wrangler can accommodate as many as 100 students down at The Ranche from grades 2-7 and the cost is $2.25 per student.

 Finally, check out the Blog below from a grade 4 teacher who visited the Bow Valley Ranche with her great students.

Great Fundraising Option: A School Dance with “DJ Wrangler”

The History Wrangler, is also known as “DJ Wrangler”, a terrific DJ who has DJ’d over 1500 events across Canada, including over 200 Elementary School Fundraising Dances!

“DJ Wrangler” is a fun and interactive DJ who teaches the kids dance steps and plays all kinds of music including today’s Top 40.

Additionally, he has a great sound system and light show and brings prizes as well as creates a poster for the event that can be placed in the school and emailed home electronically to parents.

Cost for the History Wrangler Educational Visit during the day and “DJ Wrangler” at night is $400.00.

How the Fundraising Works

The school charges a suggested price of $10.00 per family to attend the “Fun Family Fundraising School Dance with DJ Wrangler”.

The first 40 families cover the cost of The History Wrangler’s educational visit during the day and his DJ service at night and any tickets sold above this number can help raise valuable funds for the school!

Note: The price for a good DJ for School Dances is approximately $400.00, as such, all the wonderful Alberta history-themed educational programming during the day is provided at essentially no extra charge.

Contact the History Wrangler

“Thank you so much for bringing the past to life for our students. Students were enthralled with your stores and songs. They participated enthusiastically in your interactive activities and First Nation students were proud to see their history as part of Alberta’s past”

Shirley, Vice-Principal

“The History Wrangler showed his many talents as a guitar player and singer by bringing parts of Alberta History and Heritage to life. His great enthusiasm turned out to be infectious, engaging students, teachers and parents. The participation of the audience speaks highly of the quality of the production. To make such an entertaining show educational is a bonus. I would highly recommend the Past is A Blast Show to other schools. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our rich past”

Sylvie, Assistant Principal

“I found the History Wrangler was able to establish an immediate relationship with our students. By making this connection he was able to share entertaining and relevant historical stories and songs to our students. Our students were very engaged and interested…”

Greg, Principal

“Rob/History Wrangler, your visit was engaging, inspiring and just plain fun…..”

Dave, Principal

“His love of History, Students, and creating student engagement in history was evident from beginning to end…”

“My students enjoyed the day with The History Wrangler so much! Each of the activities he planned for the students were entertaining, interactive and informative. From the start of planning this day, he was quick to respond to emails and always accommodating. During our field trip, our 50+ grade 4 students and parent volunteers felt welcomed and were eager to participate in the many activities. The History Wrangler made sure to include as many students as possible in the role-playing activities, games, and songs throughout the day. Volunteers were also included and many laughs were shared when the adults were participating. Regarding curriculum, my teaching partner and I felt many outcomes were covered and we were so pleased with how fun Social Studies was made.”

Lucy, Teacher